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Date: 28 January 2024

MORE – Moving from activity for God to intimacy with God – 4

If you're after a life of MORE i.e., a life that is full, abundant, rich, and satisfying, then you can't afford to miss this week's SHIFT in thinking and action. We've previously  spoken about the need to SHIFT from life inside the box of the kingdom of me and the importance of asking for forgiveness when we blow it and insist on living life our way. We've also stressed the importance of SHIFTing from me to we - a recognition that God is always with us - which requires that we are still before Him. That noted, the third SHIFT, is arguably the most important. Come and find out what it is. Church just isn't the same without you there, but we understand that sometimes you just can't make it so glad to have you with us on YouTube.

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