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Date: 21 January 2024

MORE – Moving from activity for God to intimacy with God – 3

In the 2nd message of the MORE series, we looked at our tendency to want to prioritize our own kingdoms, the so-called "Kingdom of me." That will undoubtedly stop us from experiencing intimacy in our relationship with God. If we want the abundant life which Jesus speaks about in John 10:10, then we have to make a number of shifts in our thinking and actions. The first shift in our thinking is: from inside to outside i.e., life inside our kingdoms to life in God's kingdom. We can't be king or queen of our lives if we want to live life to the full. The shift in action is: asking for forgiveness. We're going to blow it from time to time, and when we do, we need to go to God, confess our sin, and ask for forgiveness. We'll look at the second shift this week., a shift in which we'll be confronted with the reality that we can't experience a rich and satisfying life simply through being determined to do so. We'll never achieve a life of MORE in our own strength.

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