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Date: 23 June 2024

Jude – Sound the alarm – 01

I don’t know anyone who enjoys the sound of an alarm, whether it’s a house alarm, car alarm, or clock alarm. Some people become so irked by them that they switch them off altogether. They do the same thing to buzzers intended to remind them to buckle up when they drive, just to avoid irritation. Others disconnect smoke detectors that seem to go off too easily. Ignoring such reminders and warnings can be perilous to one’s health. But ignoring spiritual warnings can be even more damaging. That’s why we should pay careful attention to the passage we’re going to be studying for the next two weeks. In fact, it’s more than a passage, it’s a whole book, found in the New Testament, tucked away between 3 John and the Book of Revelation. In 25 verses, Jude sounds an alarm that we dare not disconnect or ignore.

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