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Date: 16 June 2024

Fort days of prayer – When God Says “No”

A difficulty we sometimes experience in our relationship with God, is when He doesn’t answer quite like we expected He would. We find it difficult to process when He says “Wait,” or “In My way,” and exceedingly challenging when He simply says, “No.” There are numerous examples in Scripture when God said no to great men and women of faith. As a result, we should expect some no’s to come our way. When they do, it can be confusing, frustrating, and hurtful. In those moments, we might well wonder, “If God is truly loving and all-powerful, why is my request denied?” Why do some people get miracles and others don’t? Why do some people who are sick get well when we pray for them, while others die? Why do some people get relief from their pain and others continue to suffer? Why do some couples pray for a child and receive one, while other, equally sincere and deserving couples don’t? Why does God sometimes say “yes,” and sometimes say “no?” There are some good reasons, but more important, is what we do when God says "no." That's what we'll be looking at this Sunday at 8 am in the final message of our 40 Days of Prayer series. We would be so excited if you joined us for our celebration service, both for the message as well as some wonderful testimonies of how God has used the last six weeks in the lives of our people. We'll be enjoying breakfast together. If you can't make it, please be sure to tune in online on YouTube.

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