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Date: 24 December 2023

Ecclesiastes – Life in a nutshell – Part 1

“Is life really worth living?” That’s the question Solomon’s been wrestling with from the first chapter in Ecclesiastes, all the way to the chapter we find ourselves in today Ecclesiastes 11. To begin with, he took God out of the picture, and looked at life under the sun, and so, repeatedly came to the conclusion that life was futile. Thankfully, the king wasn’t so far gone that he couldn’t see the value in reevaluating life with God as part of the equation. What a difference God made. Solomon reiterates the findings of his reevaluation in the two closing chapters of Ecclesiastes by giving us four pictures of life with God and attaching a practical exhortation to each of the pictures: Life is an adventure – live by faith (11:1-6); Life is a gift – enjoy it (11:7-12:8); Life is a school – learn your lessons (12:9-12); Life is a stewardship – revere God (12:13-14). We’ll look at the first two pictures this week and the remaining two next week.

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