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Date: 12 November 2023

Ecclesiastes – Is life a dead-end street?

People use different expressions to picture futility. Solomon’s favourite was “chasing after the wind.” He used it nine times in Ecclesiastes, including once in chapter 6, the chapter we'll be in today. Others have spoken of something being “As futile as watering a post,” “As futile as ploughing the rocks,” “As futile as singing songs to a dead horse,” or “As futile as carrying water in a sieve.” Did they have a point? Is life indeed a dead-end street? Life confronts us with numerous mysteries we can’t understand, and many puzzles we can’t seem to solve. We feel overwhelmed by the “Why me,” “Why now?” “Why this?” questions of life. We can’t make sense of it all, and so we get frustrated and despondent, desperate and depressed. In our chapter, Solomon discusses three of life’s mysteries, mysteries you might well be wrestling with: 1. Wealth without enjoyment 2. Work without satisfaction and 3. Questions without answers.

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