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Pastor Wayne Gordon

Pastor Wayne’s journey is inspiring! He found his faith while in medical school in ’89, graduated in ’94, and met his soulmate Lindy there. They tied the knot in December ’94 and now have three amazing kids: Rebekah, Jessica, and Matthew. Wayne’s theological training started in the local church and evolved into BBISA (Berean Bible Institute of South Africa). He earned his BTh degree in ’06. Wayne has been our pastor since ’03 and served as an elder since ’99.

Pastor Garth Lombard

Pastor Garth and his wife Carol share an incredible story. They both found Jesus together while dating. From the very start, Garth had a strong desire to serve Christ. He pursued his theological training at SBC, earning a BTh degree. For 5 years, they served as local missionaries with Word of Life Fellowship, pioneering youth camps and a radio program. In 2008, Garth answered the call to join the staff at Sandton Bible Church, his spiritual home since ’97. Together, they have three wonderful children.