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Life Step 01 – Membership

Date: 04 February 2024

Time: 12:00

Church membership is not just about visiting the family but joining the family. It provides the logical next step for that person who has trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and wants to know, “Where do I go from here?” It gives them a sense of belonging, a feeling and understanding that they are an integral part of a family bound by a common purpose, which is ultimately to glorify God. You were designed to be part of a church family and we hope SBC can be that family for you.

This exciting course is made up of 4 sessions on a Sunday afternoon and will introduce you to SBC, and help you discover the beliefs, strategy, structure and purpose that serves as the foundation of SBC. A lunch fellowship is held during the class where you can meet and get to know more of the SBC family.

To register for Life Step 1, complete these following steps:

Step 1: Read the SBC Statement of Faith.
Step 2: Click register and fill in the information and accompanying questions: 


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