Need Help?


When you are facing a challenge, finding spiritual direction, understanding friends, and practical support can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. We can help. We are here to encourage you to find and follow Jesus through the transitions, challenges, and sorrows of life.


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Where do you fit into God’s big plan?
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Celebrate Recovery


Celebrate Recovery @SBC is a 12 step program that is perfect for anyone who is struggling with any number of hurts, habits or hang-ups. These are those areas that we come to realize are causing our lives to become chaotic and/or unmanageable.

If you recognize that your hurts, habits or hang-ups are blocking you from peace and freedom in your life, you will find Celebrate Recovery @SBC an awesome place in an honest and authentic community of fellow strugglers to begin your recovery journey.

Please visit the website for more information:



We have a number of men and women who are able to help you through a difficult time in your life. Whether it is an anxious thought or a life crisis, we can provide a Godly perspective on the challenges you face. Please make contact with us, either by phone on 011 462 3206. Or send us your details and we’ll respond to your need – click here.

Prayer Request


Pastors only

You can be assured that they will pray as a team AND individually for your request.

Send a request to the Pastors.

Prayer Roster

The SBC prayer roster is sent out on a weekly basis with prayer requests and praises.

Send a request to be added to the Prayer Roster.

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain is reserved for emergency prayer requests. As soon as the request is received, an SMS will be sent out to all SBC members to pray for the request.

Send an urgent prayer request.

Hospital Visitation


No one enjoys hospital stays, periods of rehabilitation, or extended care. Anxiety often accompanies hospitalizations, and extended care can cause isolation from family, friends, and the church community. SBC pastors and caring volunteers seek to lift these burdens by visiting and praying with brothers and sisters in the hospital or extended care.

Three ways to request a visit

  • Contact SBC Church Office: 011 462 3206
  • Use prayer request form situated in the foyer of the Worship Centre. Write down on the prayer request form the person’s name, their hospital or care facility, and the dates they are expected to be there and place it in the offering bag.

Send a request for Visitation



Funerals at SBC glorify our loving heavenly Father, honour the person who has passed away, and offer hope to all, regardless of their circumstances. We come alongside family and friends who have lost loved ones and show them compassion, comfort, and encouragement.

Our pastors and musicians are available to help lead the service. Our Worship Centre is available for funerals, and our utility hall available for the reception afterward. We do not charge a facility fee for funerals at SBC.

Please contact the church office on 011 462 3206