Berean Bible Institute – South Africa

The Bible institute provides a platform for believers in Jesus to better equip themselves for life and for ministry. Far from simply being an academic institution, BBI-SA places emphasis on the head, heart and hands, all three of which are set forth in the exhortations of Colossians 1:10 – “that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God”.

BBI-SA Courses
Evening Short Course
One Year Full Time Course




If modules during the day don’t fit your schedule, we also offer an evening module that takes place on Thursday evenings, from 19:00-21:00, at Sandton Bible Church. The cost is R250-500 per module, depending on required materials. Each module runs for 20 weeks, and all modules (day or evening) are taught in our new Education building. Topics include Name. Name, Name etc.


We are helping men who have a desire to preach to develop their ability to do so. This is a very practical course that focuses on helping the individual become a better preacher.


Start Date:
End Date: indefinite
Cost: R250




This non-accredited programme is aimed at recent graduates as a “gap year” experience providing a foundational understanding of God’s Word to ground believers so that they can continue to build upon this spiritual foundation as they pursue other interests in the years to follow. Upon completion of the 12-14 modules the student will receive a Qualification in Biblical Foundations. Classes occur in four, ten-week terms and run from Tuesday through Friday with ministries throughout the week and the year. The cost varies from year to year but is approximately R4000.00 for the year and is all-inclusive. All are welcome and our programme is not limited only to the young; we have several who come and take one module from time to time for personal enrichment.




One of the most basic skills of the Christian life is to know how to read and understand God’s Word. This course will teach you the skill of literal, grammatical, contextual, and historical interpretation, and introduce you to methods of interpreting poetic, prophetic, allegorical and other difficult passages. Emphasis is given to hands-on experience study God’s Word.

Old Testament Survey

The Messiah didn’t just spring out of nowhere and for no reason. The foundational book of Genesis begins a trek from the creation to the fall and spread of depraved mankind, to God’s calling of Abraham and the development of Israel’s chequered history, to its captivity and restoration. Emphasis is given to the promises, lineage, and foreshadowing of a coming Messiah.

Personal Evangelism

We have been commissioned to make disciples. Commencing with the biblical principles and models of evangelism and discipleship, this course gives the student a thorough working knowledge of the gospel message, evaluates modern evangelistic and discipleship styles, and prepares them for outreach and mentoring activities on the weekends.

New Testament Survey

The person, work, and teachings of Jesus the Messiah are the subject of the New Testament. After laying a foundation of the Greco-Roman world of Jesus day, this course examines the writers and contents of the four gospels, and then using Acts as a timeline, weaves in the various letters written by the Apostles dealing with the issues and development of the early church.

Spiritual Growth

For all living things, growth and reproduction naturally take place when conditions are right. This course will examine the habits, disciplines, and heart attitudes of biblical characters and Christian leaders that made the conditions right for spiritual “greatness” in God’s eyes.

Bible Doctrines Survey

What does a person need to believe to truly be a Christian? What are the doctrines on which we can differ, and for which should we be willing to die? This course will take a “mile-high” view of the Christian faith, covering doctrines regarding the Bible, God, angels, man, sin, Jesus, salvation, the Spirit, the Church, and end time events.


The world has its opinion of what is a family and many religions will define the family, but we want to know what God says about the family that He created for His glory. So we spend one day a week exploring what the Bible has to say about the family.


It is better not to know than to know and not communicate; we are stewards of the mysteries of Christ. Building on your hermeneutic skills, this course will enable you to draw out God’s truth from a text of Scripture, and present it to others with capable explanation, illustration, and application.


Jesus’ last commission should be our first concern. Beginning with the early church, this course will track the development of mission work through the centuries, assess current trends in missions, help the student develop a biblical philosophy of missions, and examine current opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Biblical Worldview

In a world where today everyone has their opinion of truth and it is considered prejudicial to speak of absolute truth, we want to explore what the Bible has to say about what is true and what is not true as well as how we can arrive at the true conclusion. In this course we do just this as well as exploring other worldviews in comparison.


Every equipped believer needs to be able to give a philosophical defence of his or her Christian faith. Based on biblical views of the creator God and fallen man, this course will prepare a Christian to establish in a discussion that he is within his rights and the realm of intelligent reason to believe the essential tenets of the Christian faith, and on the contrary, that some unbeliever is mistaken in rejecting the Christian faith.

Church History Survey

We need to know where modern denominations, cults, and movements got their start. Rather than merely tracking the development of Roman Catholicism, this course follows the saga of “the pilgrim church,” little groups and movements of believers like the Waldensians, Lollards, and Anabaptists that for 2000 years were persecuted by civil authorities and hunted down by the large institutional churches of the day.

Biblical Counselling

The two things on earth that will last forever are the Bible and human souls; we are called to bring the former to bear on the latter. Aside from exposing the erroneous views of human behaviour provided by secular society, this course will explore the biblical basis of the soul, sinful behaviour, and dysfunctional relationships, as well as the changes that only salvation, application of the Word, and the indwelling Spirit can bring.

Ethics/Conflict Management

There are ideas and behaviours that are right and those that are wrong; there is also a right way to hold every right position. Springing from biblical examples and principles, this course will explore the different approaches to resolving conflict between competing choices, and managing conflict with those who may disagree with you.